Caregivers in Cherry Hill, NJ- Being an Active Listener is Vital to Mutual Trust

Caregivers in Cherry Hill, NJHow well do you listen? Listening is actually is skill that not everyone possesses, at least not in a highly beneficial way. Listening is more than just hearing the words that people are saying. It is about paying attention to the meaning and trying to understand what the other person is actually saying. When you are a caregiver, listening is one of the most important skills that you can possess.

Imagine that you are caring for an elderly loved one and believe that you know what is best for them. You will arrive at their house and begin going through the refrigerator and their kitchen cabinets looking at all of the different types of foods they have. You shake your head in slight disgust at some of things they have been eating. They are so unhealthy, you think to yourself. They try to explain that some of those foods are treats for the grandchildren, or that they only eat them on occasion. You dismiss their comments as though they don’t have a say so.

You decide to clear out all of that unhealthy food and go shopping. You stock the shelves in every cupboard and every space in the refrigerator with healthy meals ready to be made.

Then your elderly loved one asks you to help them manage their finances. They try to explain to you certain aspects about the finances, bills that they need to pay, and other issues but you don’t listen to what they’re telling you.

You take it upon yourself to develop a new plan and, just like the food that you replaced in their kitchen, you take the responsibility for these things without even discussing it with them.

Just because you are a caregiver for an elderly individual, that doesn’t mean that you have the right to control everything that they do. They are independent individuals who have not only earned the right, but also the respect, that you need to show them as their caregiver. This means stopping to listen to what they are telling you.

It’s not easy to listen when you think that you know what’s best. However, just because you may be more knowledgeable in certain things, that doesn’t mean you have all of the answers and know what they want. What they want may differ from what you believe is best. As a caregiver, develop your listening skills and you will be providing much better home care in the long run.

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