Home to Stay encourages our staff and clients to keep a look out for potential symptoms of COVID-19.

Home to Stay continues to follow all COVID guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff. Our protocols include soap, gloves, masks, safety glasses, alcohol prep pads, and isolation gowns.

Halloween can be a scary and challenging holiday for a person living with dementia. Please access the short training here to help you be prepared to help your clients and their families during this time.

The holiday season can be challenging for people living with dementia. Home to Stay wants to be sure that our staff is prepared with tips and tricks to help manage the holidays with those suffering from a neurodegenerative disease.

APRIL 2021 – Miriam Minier

MARCH 2021 – Lydie Jean

FEBRUARY 2021 – Miriam Minier & Kathleen Turner

JANUARY 2021 – Ana Ike

DECEMBER 2020 – Sharon Nzenwa & Miracia Aligene

NOVEMBER 2020 – Mary Jane Branda

OCTOBER 2020 – Christine Ladoceur

SEPTEMBER 2020 – Matthew Samuel

AUGUST 2020 – Marth Ali

JULY 2020 – Doris Afetonu

Theresa Roberts joined our team in October 2020 as one of our new Certified Home Health Aides.

Lisa Murrell, PHR joined our team in March 2021 as our new Human Resources & Recruiting Specialist.

Home to Stay is excited to announce our newest team member, Charlie – a pet therapy dog in training.