Benefits of a Live-In Caregiver

Home to Stay has extended its services to Monmouth County. When it comes to finding around the clock live-in home care services, no one has been doing it longer or better than us. For well over two decades, we have been South Jersey’s premier live-in service with Home Health Aides and companions at affordable prices.

Below are the responsibilities and duties that Home Health Aides can manage, taking immense stress off your own shoulders:

Bathing, Grooming, Hygiene, Medication Reminders & Safety Supervision

Above all, Home Health Aides strive to create the safest environment possible for the client. They will follow a daily care plan as set forth by the Registered Nurse Supervisor. This includes assistance with full or partial baths in the tub or bed, and any personal grooming including: care of hair, teeth and mouth, dressing, shaving and nail care. Preparing and serving meals according to the client’s dietary needs and assisting with feeding if necessary is also taken care of by the caregiver. Additionally, home aides assist clients with ambulation and with transfers from bed to chair/wheelchair. Reminding clients to take their medications is also of utmost importance for Home Health Aides.

Transportation, Errands, Chore Services & Light Housekeeping 

Your Home Health Aide will provide transportation whenever necessary, such as accompanying clients to medical appointments or social gatherings. Grocery shopping assistance will also be provided to clients. As far as in-home chores go, your caretaker can guarantee the following:

  • Taking care of all personal laundry and bed linens for clients.
  • Making and changing the bed.
  • Cleaning up the bathroom and kitchen after use.
  • Monmouth County CaregiverClient’s room will be kept clean – including dusting and vacuuming.


Social isolation in seniors is a very real issue – even before the pandemic began. Growing old is not something we are engineered to do alone; it should always be done together! As human beings, we are social animals and have relied on our social networks for survival throughout time. Your home care assistant provides socialization and support for the client by establishing rapport.

Family Respite

Respite care means taking a break from caring, while the person you care for is looked after by someone else. The main objectives of respite are allowing you to take time out to look after yourself and help stop you from becoming burnt out from the many responsibilities and duties of caregiving.