Respite CareAttending to the needs of an aging loved one is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be challenging and exhausting. In many cases, caregivers may forget to take care of their own needs while carrying out family duties. This can lead to fatigue, burnout, and even discontent. A respite care program can provide several benefits to the one who needs care as well as their family caregivers.

What is Respite Care?

Family caregivers can receive a break and some relief from their caregiving duties through respite care. As part of this service, a professional supports you, whether for a few hours a day, a few days a week, or for however long is necessary. Respite care often entails home care, where a trained healthcare practitioner visits the patient to support their needs.

Some family caregivers could be hesitant to enlist the help of an unknown person to care for their loved one. But those who accept respite care from a dedicated and reputable home care service provider are likely to discover they made a life-changing choice for their loved one that ultimately worked wonders for the whole family, including themselves.

Why Caregiver Burnout Occurs so Often?

According to research, approximately one in five Americans became family caregivers between 2015 and 2020. The report said family caregivers have worse health than five years ago. Caregiver stress and issues with their own physical, mental, and emotional health get exacerbated by a lack of self-care behaviors. 

Some of the primary causes of caregiver burnout include:

Uncertainty of Roles

Most caregivers cannot draw boundaries between their role as caretakers and responsibilities in other areas and relationships, including with themselves. 

Emotional Pressure

Mood swings of the patient and feelings of helplessness often overwhelm the caregiver. Caregivers must understand they cannot cure their loved ones miraculously. 


Caregivers often tend to over-commit and adopt an “I can do everything” approach. While they only have good intentions, they eventually feel overworked and exhausted.

Lack of Support

Family caregivers often become exhausted from working nonstop without enough rest. Some people experience meltdowns because they lack the support or understanding to manage caregiving.

Benefits of Respite Care for Family Caregivers

Respite care offers a number of benefits for caregivers, including:

Strengthens Connections

By giving the family caregiver a breather from being in the primary caregiver role, respite care can improve their other relationships. Family caregivers might use the opportunity to keep up with other close bonds and social ties.

Allows a Gradual Transition

The entire family may benefit from respite care as it helps in adjusting to the idea of full-time professional care at some point. Although we may never like to admit it, there is a chance that the family members’ needs could eventually exceed their individual ability or capacity to support.

Provides Time to Relax

Family caregivers should take advantage of the chance to take a break and relax, if only for a day. Even if it is just for 6–8 hours, pausing is valuable since it enables you to refresh and mentally relax.

Helps Focus on Self-care 

Caregiving is a compromise when done 24/7. Being a caregiver may lead to neglecting yourself physically and emotionally. Family caregivers frequently lose themselves when offering care. Respite care can provide time to care for your own needs.

Gives a Chance to Assess the Care Level

It enables you to determine if the level of respite care offered is the best for your loved ones. The family caregiver can assess these things while the receiver is in respite care:

  • Observe if the caregiving is patient-specific to suit your needs.
  • Provider’s level of compassion with caregiving services.
  • The effectiveness of the caregiving approach.
  • Whether the respite care provided offers an environment of comfort and safety.

Choose Respite Care for New Jersey Seniors with Home to Stay (H2S) Senior Care Solutions

Respite care allows you to step away from family caregiving responsibilities while your loved one is attended to by a trusted professional. You no longer need to stress or suffer burnout.

New Jersey’s Home to Stay (H2S) Senior Care Solutions provides trained respite care. Family caregivers can depend on us for high quality services, whether live-in or part-time care at home for their loved ones. 

Our professionally skilled and caring staff will provide companionship, light housework, personal care, or a combination of these services based on your loved one’s needs. For further details, contact us online or by phone at 856-321-1500 or 732-820-9611.