The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.

– Kalu Ndukwe Kalu (Writer, Thinker, Political Scientist)

Senior LegacyOne of the most important things seniors wish for is to leave behind a legacy so that some parts of them continue to exist long after they are gone. For your aging loved one, helping them create and leave a lasting legacy is a great way to show that you care. Legacy is not just about money matters, but also about traditions, memories, values, and everything that represents who they truly are.

Give Them Your Time and Attention

Perhaps the single most valuable contribution you can make to help your senior loved one build a priceless legacy of memories is to spend time with them. You don’t have to do it under pressure or overdo it, as this may create stress and diminish the experience of spending time together. 

Just a simple chat, a warm meal together or sitting with them quietly outdoors is going to be most valuable for them and will create a memory bank for the future. Spending quality time gets much easier if you can have a non-medical home caregiver to address many of their everyday needs. This allows the family members free time to create invaluable memories with your senior loved one.

Help Them Create or Update an Estate Plan

If your loved one has an existing will or trust, their priorities or the situation may have changed over the years. It may be time to update their estate plan according to their wishes. If no will has been created, you should encourage and guide your loved one about its benefits. A will or trust is the most prudent way to ensure that your loved one’s lifetime of hard work continues to bear fruit into the next generation. 

Whether your senior loved one wishes to pay for the college tuition of grandchildren, give away family heirlooms to specific individuals, or make a charitable donation to a cause that is close to their heart, you can assist them in these matters and help them preserve their legacy. Arrange an appointment with an estate attorney to ensure your senior loved one’s assets are well-protected.

Collect and Preserve Memories

Memories begin to fade with age, especially with the onset of dementia. When you hire the services of a dedicated home caregiver to ensure high quality care for your loved one, you will be able to set aside your personal time to help them preserve their precious memories. Some ways to create and preserve a legacy of memories are:

  • Encourage and assist your senior loved one to write or record a memoir.
  • Help them build a small website, Facebook page, blog, vlog (video blog) or even a YouTube channel of their reflections and memories.  
  • Create a series of short interviews or conversations between you and your loved one about their life. 
  • Consider building a family scrapbook of memories, and make a small investment in professional photography focused on your senior loved one.

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