Six Tips for Selling Your Dad's Car When He Can No Longer Drive

Six Tips for Selling Your Dad’s Car When He Can No Longer Drive

After his eye exam, your dad’s doctor suggests that it’s time to take his keys. His vision has worsened to a point that glasses won’t help. He doesn’t meet the vision requirements to be a licensed driver. Taking his keys away is a challenge, and it’s not stopping him from driving. You’ve decided selling his car is the best way to keep him from driving.

Check More Than the KBB Value

The Kelley Blue Book value is a good way to get insight into the price you should ask, but it’s not the only one. You should also check the value on Edmunds and NADA. You might also want to consider paying for a CARFAX report to show potential buyers. CARFAX covers everything about the car’s history, dealer repairs, and dealer servicing.

Pay for a Current Inspection

Pay to have the car inspected. If it fails, you are out some money, but you have a list of what repairs the car needs and can adjust the price accordingly. If it passes, the buyers know they’re getting a car that meets state safety and emissions requirements.

Clean the Exterior and Interior

Do a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior. If the car smells of cigarette smoke, it’s going to turn off potential buyers. You may want to pay to have the car detailed to get rid of any odors or stains. Make sure the exterior wash gets rid of grime on the hubcaps. Use tire shine to make the tires look brand new.

Look Up Similar Cars for Sale

Check the newspaper, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist for similar cars. What are those owners asking? Take into consideration any upgrades your dad’s car has or any features his car doesn’t have and price to beat the competition.

Create a Comprehensive Ad

There’s nothing more annoying than looking at a car ad and seeing the seller has omitted things. Did you list the current mileage? Does the ad say automatic in one place and standard transmission in another?

Have you taken pictures of the interior and exterior of the car? Did you take pictures of the car’s illuminated dash to show there are no check engine lights and what the mileage is? Have you included contact information and the best way to reach you?

Drop the Price if No One is Biting

If days go by and no one is interested, drop the price. Start with a drop of $50 to $100 and see what happens. When you start getting interest, you’ll know to leave the price alone for a while.

After selling your dad’s car, you need to make sure he has transportation. Giving up his keys doesn’t have to mean your dad is stuck at home. Elderly care services can send a caregiver daily, once a week, or a few times a week to drive your dad to stores, offices, and friends’ houses. Call an elderly care agency today and discuss transportation services.

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