Caregivers in Turnersville NJ: Are You Getting Close to Burning Out?

Caregivers in Turnersville NJ: Are You Getting Close to Burning Out?

No family caregiver wants to believe that burnout is something that they’re experiencing. But it can definitely sneak up on you. If you spot any of these signs in yourself, talk to your own doctor about what you can do.

You’re Feeling as if Every Day Is a Terrible One

Everyone has felt the effects of a terrible day that just seemed to have everything go wrong. But if you’re feeling as if every single day is terrible, that’s a really bad sign. There should be something good about every day, even if there were difficult patches. Feeling like every day was nothing but bad all the way through can mean that you’re unable to see the good things happening around you.

You’re Constantly Exhausted

Caregiving can wear you out, that is for sure. But hopefully you’re at a stage in which you’ve been able to find ways to get the right amount and quality of sleep for you. If you’re still waking up exhausted, every single day, you might have more than physical tiredness going on. Depression and burnout can mask themselves as physical exhaustion, so it’s important that you don’t ignore this sign.

You’re Consistently Overwhelmed

Meeting your senior’s needs every day can get complicated, for sure. But if you’re feeling more and more overwhelmed instead of on top of things, this can be a sign of trouble. Shorter periods of overwhelm are common when your senior’s health worsens, but it shouldn’t be something that you’re seeing in yourself consistently.

Nothing Makes a Difference and Caring Just Feels Like Wasted Effort

Being a caregiver often means that you don’t get the appreciation that you should for all that you do, but normally that’s not a big deal. When you’re starting to feel as if you’re working so hard and nothing you’re doing is making a dent at all, that can be a difficult feeling to ditch. Caring for your senior and the other aspects of your life should never feel like something that is just an energy drain on you.

Even if you’re feeling as if you’re not quite to this point yet, it’s important to take stock of how you’re feeling. The stages before burnout can include extreme stress and depression, so it’s possible that you’d still benefit from some extra care yourself.

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