Caregivers in Woolwich Township, NJ – Being Thousands of Miles Away Adds Even More Stress to Caregiving

When Kelly moved away from home after college, it wasn’t because she didn’t want to spend time with her family any longer. She had pursued a career that took her more than a thousand miles away to a different state. She never looked back, got married, raised a family, and enjoyed life to its fullest.

Now that her mother has turned 80, Kelly has realized the various health challenges she faces. Her mother is okay, for the most part, but she is less steady on her feet, weaker, and is struggling with various tasks around the house. Kelly didn’t want to even consider the option of hiring a professional caregiver at the beginning, so she agreed to be a long-distance caregiver for her mother.

Being a long-distance caregiver offers numerous challenges and can also lead to the same type of caregiver stress that in-person caregivers experience.

There are certain tips that long-distance caregivers should consider that will help them provide the right level support for their aging loved one.

1. Understand the limitations.

The most important thing to do first is to sit down and accept the limitations of being a long-distance caregiver. Like Kelly, a person who lives too far away from their elderly loved one to be there physically is not going to be able to help them take a shower, get out of bed, get dressed, or do other activities with them.

They can certainly remind them when it’s time to take medications, when appointments are coming up, or to check on them on a regular basis, but the assistance they can provide is limited to those things.

2. Physical support is just a phone call away.

For the long-distance caregiver like Kelly who is concerned about their loved one, hiring a professional caregiver may be the most reasonable and logical solution. There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional caregiver, so speaking to a loved one about this option and then supporting them long-distance can be much more effective at keeping them safe and helping them take part in various activities they want to still enjoy.

3. Establish a time to talk on a regular basis.

As a long-distance caregiver, the individual will most likely communicate over the phone, or in some cases through video chat conferencing calls over the computer. Make sure that you establish a specific time to talk to the elderly individual and you will know if they don’t answer, something could be wrong.

Being a long-distance caregiver is going to provide numerous challenges that other caregivers won’t have to endure. Consider hiring professional home care providers to give your elderly parent the support and assistance they need on a regular basis. You can still play a vital role in their care, without the stress and anxiety that comes with not knowing if they are safe.

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