The Demand for Dementia Caregivers

ELITE ProgramCaring for someone with dementia can be challenging for both families and caregivers. People with dementia may have a difficult time remembering things, thinking clearly, communicating with others, and taking care of themselves. Dementia and other cognitive diseases can also cause mood swings and even change a person’s personality and behavior.

As Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related disease rates continue to climb across the country, there is a shortage of caregivers and millions of seniors are unable to access the affordable care and services that they so desperately need. It is also important to note that not all home care agencies and nursing facilities offer services designed for dementia-related care needs. Caregivers that work with clients who have a cognitive impairment have a higher burnout/abandonment rate than non-cognitive impairment caregivers.

Home to Stay and AlzBetter have joined together to create a novel system for providing in-home care to those with dementia – The ELITE Program. Our team of memory care specialists undergo the highest level of training and offer empathy, understanding, and most importantly a plan that emphasizes dementia care needs. 

The driving force behind Home to Stay’s Elite program is to provide a “meaningful day” for those we support and provide care for. We define a successful, meaningful day as a day with purpose and intention, while providing the necessary care that our clients need. Since dementia changes and affects each person differently, the structure of the day will change over time. 

Our ELITE clients are assigned an AlzBetter certified dementia coach and specially trained caregivers, certified through the Alzheimer’s Association’s EssentiALZ program. Both team members will ensure that the “meaningful day” is tailored to the likes, wants, and needs of the patient and their families.  

ELITE Program Caregiver Training

  • Foundation Training – This extensive training provides an overview of the disease process. In addition to learning skills and tools to assist the caregivers, the training also increases empathy and compassion because of their further understanding of what clients are going through.
  • Lean Training – This training focuses entirely on the client, reinforcing the tools and concepts learned in the Foundation Training and building their knowledge on the challenges and opportunities their client will present. 
  • Knowing the Triggers – The caregivers learn specific tools on how to identify certain triggers that can cause challenging behaviors and responses. Identifying these triggers and minimizing these challenging behaviors can go a LONG WAY towards increasing quality of life for the care recipient while also decreasing burnout for the caregiver (both family and professional).

Clinical Dementia Coach

A clinical dementia coach (RN,SW) is assigned to work with both the care recipient and the caregivers on creating a meaningful day for the client. Since cognitive impairment (in most cases) is a progressive disease, the client’s needs will evolve and change over time. Having a dedicated dementia coach working alongside the client and caregivers helps when any new issues arise.  

ELITE Care Boxes

All of our ELITE clients receive one of our Dementia Care Boxes. The idea behind the box is to provide a sampling of different activities for the client to do throughout their day to help them stay busy and reduce stressful moments they might have.  

The activity box provides the opportunity for the client to express themselves using art, creativity and various dexterity tools.  These creative outlets become very important when communication and self-expression become more difficult for the client.  

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