For many adult children, the decision to step into the role of family caregiver for their elderly parents is one that they do not even have to consider. They want what is best for their seniors and feel fulfilled and even honored to have the opportunity to take on this important position and give their parents the type of care that they need and deserve in order to live a healthy, happy, safe, and comfortable lifestyle throughout their later years.

For others, the decision is not quite a simple. They love their parents, but they may have a strained relationship with them, or a busy schedule that makes them feel as though they do not have enough time or energy to fulfill the role properly. They may have siblings who they think should be taking on more of the responsibilities, or may not even think that their parents need the level of care and assistance that they say that they do.

Still others make the decision for more complex reasons. Whether you are just getting started on your caregiver journey with your aging parents, or have been caring for them for some time, it is important to occasionally take a few moments out to evaluate why you got started on your care experience and what motivates you to continue.

The most important question you might encounter during this time is whether you became, and remain, a caregiver for your aging parents for them, or whether it is more for yourself.

This is not something that many caregivers really want to think about and would not want to admit to any others, but it is important to be honest with yourself about your motivations so that you can ensure you give your loved ones the level of care and assistance that they need on a daily basis.
When contemplating this issue, consider the following questions:

• Are your efforts about appearances? Do you care for your parents because you do not want the members of your family, your friends, or other members of the community to look at you poorly if you choose not to care for your parents, or if you do not care for them in the way that they think that you should?

• Do you make your decisions about care based on what is right for your parents? When you are making decisions about your parents’ care, do you make decisions based on what is truly right for them, or what is right for you? For example, do you consider all of the levels of their personal needs and make an effort to come to a conclusion that respects these needs, or do you do what works best for your lifestyle or what you think would “look” best to the people around you?

• Has being a caregiver become a part of your identity? Being a caregiver should be an important element of any person’s life who makes the decision to take on this role, but if it is the actual title of caregiver or the reality of being a caregiver that is what matters or brings value as opposed to the efforts that you put forth for your seniors, your priorities might be skewed and it might be time to reevaluate this role and your motivations.

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