Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people along the east coast of the United States. Everyone suffers when a natural disaster strikes, but seniors are highly vulnerable in these situations. Senior care is vital during this time. Finding ways that you can help can be as simple as making a donation or cooking a meal.

Simple Ways to Help

Seniors often have health challenges that require treatment to stay healthy. In a natural disaster, like a hurricane, seniors can be stuck at home without electricity or a working telephone. These seniors may also lack basic supplies such as food, water and medicine. Take the time to stop by and check on your elderly neighbors if you live in an area affected by Sandy. You may want to bring along an extra blanket, bottles of water, batteries or some canned food if possible.

It can be difficult to buy the basic necessities in areas where a natural disaster has taken place. Donating is one of the best ways to ensure people in the path of Hurricane Sandy have the supplies they need.

You can donate money to the New York / New Jersey Red Cross or you can casino online donate canned food or other basic necessities locally. Many cities across the nation are collecting clothing, food and other basics that are mailed to the Red Cross locations along the East Coast.

Here are some online resources to help with donations and area updates:




After The Storm

Senior citizens are frequently among the hardest hit when a natural disaster strikes. Acquiring needed prescription medications and staying warm, or cool, enough when the power is out are among the challenges faced by the elderly after a natural disaster. Donating money to a disaster relief organization can assist a senior in getting their needed prescriptions. If you live near an elderly person, you can check provide information about community resources to assist them in getting their medications or to help them locate a warm place to stay until electricity is restored in the neighborhood.

Seniors are particularly isolated after a natural disaster when the phone lines are down. Volunteering for senior care locally can have a positive impact on the lives of your elderly neighbors. Bringing in a hot meal, extra blankets, or even a cell phone to contact relatives can help a senior citizen through the recovery period after a hurricane.

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