Senior Care in Woolwich Township NJ

Senior Care in Woolwich Township NJThe summer is finally here, which means that many families are thinking about heading into the great outdoors to spend quality time together. Simply because your parent is getting older does not mean that they are not able to head out on these adventures with you. It does mean, however, that you will need to think even more about keeping your loved ones safe and healthy while you enjoy your vacations.

For many families, no summer is complete without a little bit of camping. Whether you actually head out into the woods to enjoys some time on a campground or you are planning a staycation that will include gathering around in your backyard, it is likely that your camping adventure will include a campfire. This is a place for you to get together with your loved ones, enjoy some special treats like s’mores and roasted hot dogs, and do traditional activities like telling stories or singing songs. This is a fantastic opportunity for your aging parent to get extra mental and emotional stimulation as well as make memories that they can carry with them into the future. It is also a chance for you to pass traditions down through the generations so that your parent can have the comfort of knowing that their legacy is being carried on through your children and even grandchildren.

Use these tips to ensure that your campfire is safe this summer:

• Know the restrictions. Be sure to check with the authorities in the area where you want to have your campfire. Many areas have laws regulating when and how you can burn, and it is important to follow these regulations to ensure the safety of the area and everyone in it.

• Choose the right location. When selecting the place for your fire, make sure that you check the entire area carefully. Avoid building within 15 feet of tents, buildings, dry brush, or plants. Avoid building near trees with overhanging branches as these can catch flame and quickly spread.

• Maintain it properly. Make sure that your campfire stays in a manageable size. Never add anything “green”; that is, wood or brush that is still live and wet. This can cause sparks that can ignite plants and other items around the fire.

• Enjoy it safely. While enjoying the fire, make sure that your aging parent and your children stay at a safe distance, even when cooking over it. Never wear loose or long clothing near the fire, and avoid getting close to the fire if wrapped in a blanket. Do not allow anyone to toss anything into the fire or to “capture” flames by igniting sticks or other items.

• Extinguish it completely. When you are finished with your fire, make sure that it is extinguished completely. If possible, allow the fire to burn until everything has gone to ash. Once this happens, completely soak the entire area with water. Use a shovel or other non-flammable tool to stir the fire so that any hidden embers are broken up and cooled. Mix in dirt or sand and continue to stir until the entire area is completely cool to the touch. Never bury a fire as this may cause it to burn beneath the ground and ignite roots.

When you are enjoying your summer months with a campfire, boat ride, or any other activity, having a senior care provider can be a tremendous help. This senior care services provider can act as an extra set of eyes and hands to ensure that your parent stays safe, healthy, and enjoying their time with the family. With the help of a care provider your parent can remain an active, engaged part of your family summer activities while you feel confident that they are safe and healthy, and that you can focus on the rest of your family as well.

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