Senior Care in Turnersville NJ: How Can You Care for a Senior in the First Stage of Alzheimer's Disease?

Senior Care in Turnersville NJ: How Can You Care for a Senior in the First Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease?

The first stage of Alzheimer’s disease is often referred to as early stage Alzheimer’s, or mild Alzheimer’s disease. The progressive nature of this disease means the challenges of their disease will worsen and increase as time passes, and the care you give your parent from the very beginning will make a tremendous impact in how they move through the future stages. Caring for a senior at the first stage of the disease features challenges and symptoms that tend to be mild and often barely noticeable to others. This is the point, however, when you should focus on the care you give, and your plans for future care.

Some ways you can care for a senior in the first stage of Alzheimer’s disease include:

  • Seek early intervention. Even though the symptoms are mild now, your parent still needs care and support during this stage. Early intervention from their doctor means the best chances of a good response to the interventions, slowed progression, and improved quality of life.
  • Start talking about the future. You don’t want to dwell on the negative, or increase stress and worry for either of you. However, talking about and planning for the future now is a meaningful way to ensure you can make the best decisions, and your parent will get the care that is right for them. During the early stage your parent has the best control over their mind, and the most ability to be involved in the planning of their future care, and end-of-life wishes.
  • Encourage independence. Your parent should be encouraged to maintain as much of their independence and autonomy as possible throughout this first stage of the disease. This means giving them assistance when they need it, but supporting them in doing as much for themselves as they can.
  • Start routines. Predictability is very important for elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Encouraging your parent to create and follow a routine each day helps them to feel secure and less anxious, and predict activities in their daily life. Bringing senior care into their care at this time is an effective way to establish and follow a routine.

Caring for a senior who is living with Alzheimer’s disease can be one of the most difficult situations you can face is a family caregiver. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease, which means the challenges and limitations associated with it will increase as your parent ages. As they develop new symptoms, and their symptoms worse than, you will need further help giving them the care and assistance that they need. In this situation, senior care can be invaluable. A senior home care services provider can offer a wide range of completely customizable your parents needs now, and also prepare them for the further challenges of the future. This can it give your parents at their best quality of life, and also ease your stress and improve your health and well-being during this challenging progression.

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