AlzBetter Software Program

Exclusively Available in South Jersey with Home To Stay

  • AlzBetter Software ProgramDetermines the person’s level of dementia. This is critical in order to create a plan of care and set up tasks and activities according to their current ability. Re-evaluations are performed regularly so that we are able to constantly update the individual’s schedule and plan. This offers the greatest chance of success in our programming and helps prevent frustration, agitation and other problematic issues so common with this disease.
  • Creates a customized plan of care and daily schedule. Having a plan which includes consistent and appropriate tasks and activities (bathing, dressing, eating, exercise, hobbies etc.) is extremely important to successfully managing dementia. All activities must be appropriate for the individual’s current level as well as be meaningful and safe. One of the big problems with most in-home care plans is a lack of structure, which usually ends up with the individual being left in front of the TV or sleeping all day. This leads to lower self esteem and frustration, which often manifests into problematic behaviors such as agitation and wandering. 
  • Assess Quality Of Life. One of the biggest problems with dementia is that the affected individual often loses the ability to express how they are feeling. Our Quality Of Life tool helps eliminate this problem and gives us answers as to which activities are working and which ones need adjustments.
  • Problems and Solutions. Even with the best planning, there are still going to be problems. The AlzBetter software program, along with our training manual helps identify the root cause of the problem and then offers possible solutions.