Senior Care in Turnersville, NJ – As Always, Spending Time with Your Loved One is an Excellent Gift

Senior Care in Turnersville, NJLet’s face it, buying a Christmas gift for an older relative can be a little bit tricky. Malls and stores fill their shelves and advertising time with an endless array of gifts and gimmicks. For many seniors, there may be very few things they need or want. Also, health issues may make it problematic to give certain gifts. Below you can find some helpful tips for buying a Christmas gift for someone in their golden years.

Gift Ideas for seniors

Smartphone/cellphone – It may not seem like a meaningful gift, but buying your older relative a smartphone could be a life changing gift. Studies have shown that by engaging in simple tasks and even games on smartphones, it can increase cognitive function in elderly adults. Smartphones and cellphones also mean they can more easily talk to family and friends, and stay in touch during an emergency. Many companies have designed specific phones like Jitterbug which are more user-friendly toward older adults.

Digital photo frames – What’s the one request you always get from that elderly aunt or uncle? Pictures! Luckily, the old days of developing multiple copies of photos are long gone. With digital cameras and smartphones, pictures can be uploaded and shared instantly. Help an older parent or relative stay up-to-date with the family by getting them a digital photo frame. Many digital photo frames are easy to update and can rotate between multiple pictures.

Audio books – Audio books are great for the elderly because they can upload on multiple devices like a smartphone or tablet. Many services also offer subscriptions where you can rent books every month. For those with reduced eyesight, listening to a book is very beneficial and they’ll get more enjoyment from it. Likewise, those who have trouble hearing could read a paper book.

Food gift cards – Giving a gift card to a favorite restaurant or café may by the perfect gift for a senior. Maybe memory loss or mobility has made it more difficult to cook and prepare meals. Providing money for a good dinner or lunch might be the perfect gift for a senior to get out of the house.

Choosing Which Gift to Give

There are many easy gifts to provide for older adults that are thoughtful and will go a long way to helping them out. Ultimately, the best way to choose a good Christmas gift is to find something useful and simple. Talk to your senior about what he or she may want, and then see if you can get it. If they don’t know, then make a gift. Elderly people love homemade stuff from family that’s unique. You could even give the gift of caregiving, with hiring senior home services to make your parent’s life easier.

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