Elderly Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

Elderly-Care-in-Cherry-Hill-NJOne of the first things that comes to mind when many people think of Thanksgiving is the so-called “food coma” that happens at the end of the feast. After indulging in all of those favorite seasonal foods, and likely eating a bit more than you necessarily should have, you might feel groggy, tired, and just want to curl up on the couch for a few hours of watching football and Christmas movies. If you are on an elderly care journey with your aging loved ones, however, you do not want this to be the end of your Thanksgiving. Keeping your seniors healthy is central to your care plan, and that means getting them the physical activity that they need to keep their bodies at their best. This is especially important after something as out of the ordinary as an indulgent Thanksgiving feast.

Encouraging your family to participate in healthy activities after your Thanksgiving feast is a fantastic way to get everybody active, burn off some calories, and make the types of Thanksgiving memories that will really mean something to you years down the line. Try some of these ideas for getting up off the couch and combating that food coma this Thanksgiving:

Bean Bag Toss. This simple game has gained popularity in recent years, and it’s a great low-impact physical activity that your senior loved one may be able to participate in. Even if your senior is wheelchair-bound, they may be able to play a truncated version with only one board a few feet from them.

• Field day. Think back on the field days of your school years and choose some of the team activities that you enjoyed. Relay races, sprints, and obstacle courses are extremely active and can be easily modified for different age groups and capability levels so that everyone can get involved. Team up young family members with older family members to even things out and create a fun, multigenerational experience.

• Scavenger hunt. Head outside with your family and see how many seasonal items you can discover. Make up lists ahead of time and arm everyone with a bag so that they can bring back their treasures, but also encourage them to take pictures of items that they are not actually able to bring back. Be sure to include easy to spot items such as squirrels, leaves from specific types of trees, and rocks, as well as a few more challenging items such as specific colors of cars or toys. Set a time limit and team up members of the family for more fun.

• Christmas decorating. If the weather is too chilly outside, or you tend to have a late dinner and will not have the time to do any outdoor activities after eating, you can still keep yourself upright to improve digestion and burn a few calories by getting head start on Christmas decorating. Not only will this give you at least a little bit of activity, but it will also save your parents some of the effort of getting their house ready for the next holiday.

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