Elderly Care in Turnersville NJ: Four Grocery Items Your Mom Needs to Stop Buying

Your mom’s last doctor’s appointment revealed she needs to get her blood pressure down. Her doctor feels that if she makes a few dietary changes and loses weight, it should lower without the need for medications. Here are four foods she should stop buying if she hasn’t already.

Canned Soups

Most canned soups are high in sodium and fat. Some even add sugar. They don’t offer a lot of vegetables or whole grains. Your mom is better off making a pot of soup in a slow cooker and freezing leftovers for other meals.

She can make a hearty vegetable soup with broth, lentils, a can of can of low-sodium or salt-free chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, and sliced carrots. It will cook all day and cover nutritional needs in terms of vegetables, protein, and fiber.

Cured and Processed Meats

Cured or processed meats are high in sodium. They can also have carcinogens from wood smoke. Many cures also contain large amounts of sugar. For that reason, meats like sausages, salami, ham, corned beef, and jerky are not considered healthy choices.

Canned meats and fish are also usually high in sodium. If she wants canned tuna or chicken, make sure it’s packed in water and has lower sodium levels.

Microwave Popcorn

The University of California – Berkeley points out that it’s not the popcorn that’s dangerous. It’s the chemicals used to create the buttery flavor and the chemicals on the popcorn bags. A bag of popcorn here and there is fine, but daily exposure may be harmful. She should check ingredients and sodium count, however.

There’s a better way to enjoy popcorn. If your mom loves microwaved popcorn, get her an air popper. She can have the popcorn and then top it with melted butter. She could also mix some garlic powder and a little bit of olive oil for garlic and olive oil popcorn.

Packaged Baked Goods

Packaged baked goods are often filled with fat, salt, and sugar. She’s better off making her own bread or buying them from a local bakery who specializes in artisan bread. Things like cookies, doughnuts, brownies, and muffins are high in fat and sugars and offer no nutritional benefit.

If she must buy packaged bread, make sure she knows how to read the food label. She wants to avoid bread made with white flour, sugar, and a lot of fat. Whole grain or whole wheat are better options.

Stick to Fresh, Home Cooked Meals

It’s better to make as many meals and snacks from scratch as possible. Many seniors don’t enjoy cooking or struggle to follow complex recipes. They stick to easy-to-cook and reheat meals.

If your mom doesn’t like to cook or needs help, elderly care professionals are there to help. A caregiver can help your mom plan a menu, create a shopping list, go shopping, and bring in the bags. Caregivers will put away groceries, prep ingredients, and help or handle cooking. Find out more by calling an elderly care agency.



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