Stay at Home with Home To Stay Activities

Now the world is forced to slow down, to stop and to stay home. Many of us have added free time to our once overbooked personal and professional calendars. The question is now, how will we spend this precious time?

Many of us have an elderly loved one that we can no longer visit during our social distancing. As we age we naturally face isolation and depression without a global pandemic at our front door. Our seniors are the most vulnerable and as children, grandchildren, family and friends it is our natural instinct to protect them. So we alter our habits to social distance.

It is now more than ever that we should do our best to support our seniors at home and at facilities. It is up to us to help lessen the feeling of isolation and depression. The team at Home To Stay has compiled a list of at home activities that will help you increase your support of your loved one, safely and in the process bringing them a little joy.

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Game Time