children read to seniorsWith schools being out and many parents working virtually from home, a new routine is being created for families where children read to loved ones virtually. Not only has your day-to-day activities been interrupted, but keeping kids occupied all day and night can be tiresome.
How about hosting a “story time” for loved ones? Each week, consider setting up virtual calls where your children can read or share stories with your parents, grandparents, or great aunts and uncles. This will not only bring joy to your loved ones, but also will teach your children how to interact with others and allow them to practice their reading. What a great way to not only break up your child’s day, but also to give your loved ones a special moment with their grandchildren or great nieces and nephews. Having your children read to loved ones virtually is a win-win situation!
If your child is not a proficient reader, consider having them read nursery rhymes or simple poems. After all, this is meant to be a fun activity – and as an added bonus you can get a 15 minute break.