Senior Care in Cherry Hill NJ: Why Is Being a Caregiver so Stressful?

Senior Care in Cherry Hill NJ: Why Is Being a Caregiver so Stressful?

The idea of being a caregiver seems so easy, but it rarely is. There are so many different factors at work that can cause a great deal of stress for you.

You Worry about Your Aging Adult

It’s only natural to worry about someone that you care about. Your elderly family member may have some serious health conditions that have you concerned all the time. But worrying doesn’t actually resolve anything, no matter how badly you want it to do so. Try to limit your worrying to just a few minutes a day and then spend the rest of each day on actions that can help.

You May Have Too Much on Your Plate Already

Many family caregivers have a career, a family, and many other responsibilities at the same time. Add caregiving to the list and it’s easy to see how life and caregiving can feel so out of control. You may need to learn how to let go of being in charge of everything at all times and start delegating in some areas of your life. That’s difficult to do, but hiring experts such as elder care providers, can make it easier to put certain tasks in other people’s hands.

You’re on Your Own

If you don’t have other family members nearby, you can feel as if you’re completely on your own with your aging adult. Even if you do have other family members in the area, sometimes they don’t help out as much as you’d like because of their own issues. It’s a delicate balancing act and you may need to admit to yourself that you need help. No one can do everything alone, especially as a caregiver.

You and Your Loved One Don’t Have a Great Relationship

Not every caregiver has a perfect relationship with their elderly family member, unfortunately. In some cases, there have been years of estrangement and now your senior needs help. This might mean that you have to deal with some of your emotions on your own and approach caregiving from a neutral standpoint.

You Feel You Got Roped into Being a Caregiver

Regardless of your relationship with your elderly family member, it’s still possible to feel as if you were tricked into being a caregiver or talked into it against your wishes. Perhaps another family member was planning to step up and then never did or other circumstances changed. Regardless, feeling as if you didn’t have a choice can bring unwanted stress. Take the time now to consciously choose to be a caregiver or to step away.

Sit down and really look at what is creating stress for you as a caregiver. Once you can identify the triggers, you can work to find solutions that minimize how those triggers affect your caregiving journey so that you can enjoy it more.

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