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In-home senior care services In Moorestown NJ

If you are searching for in-home care in Moorestown NJ and its surrounding area for yourself or for at-home assistance for elderly parents or another loved one who needs the assistance, know that in-home care services are readily available.Stay at home care is very important not only for the physical needs of the person, but also being able to be in one’s own home is vital for many people’s mental well-being. It is the chance to be among treasured keepsakes and remembrances and the familiar surroundings that the person is so used to and needs to feel secure. Home to Stay is home for Moorestown in-home senior care.

At home senior care is the best gift you can give to that loved one, or to yourself. Home care nurses are especially trained to tend to the special elderly care required and to be friendly and caring.

Whether it is for a short period such as after surgery or an accident or a recoverable illness, or whether it is a long-term necessity, these services are ready to step in with their professional capacities, under the direction of the patient’s doctors. They are there to make life liveable for the person and to create peace of mind and relief from stress for the whole family. Services range from hourly companion care to 24-hour live-in care.

Other helpers available are flexible-time Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or Home Health Aides (HHAs) who can step in to help if the family members need time for other responsibilities or interests or relaxation.


Some of the advantages of an in-home caregiver for seniors are the following:

* Physical and hygiene needs – When a person just cannot attend to their basic physical needs due to disabilities or being handicapped and requiring mobility assistance, they need someone to assist them with a helpful hand. Activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and others may be difficult, and the provided assistance eases the process.* Monitoring the proper and timely taking of medications and keeping an eye on the overall physical condition to control any abnormalities in an early stage is crucial. Caregivers can help with following through with prescribed exercises and routines.

* Accident Prevention – The caregiver can constantly be on the lookout for any hazards in the home and get them corrected or out of the way so that they won’t cause a fall.

* Meal preparation – Eating nutritious and balanced meals goes a long way toward continuing health, and being able to enjoy homemade delicious dishes is a mental treat as well.

* Transportation is necessary, especially for medical, dental, and physical therapy appointments as well as grocery shopping and other errands. Being able to get the loved one comfortably to and from such designations is of major importance.

* Extra attention and support – To head off anxiety or depression, the caregiver can provide companionship, interesting conversation, an understanding of what the person is going through, participation in activities such as card playing or sports watching or other hobbies to keep the client active and in good spirits, and do it all with a positive attitude and an ongoing smile.

The crucial assistance that is needed in Alzheimer’s & dementia care in Moorestown NJ and neighboring areas, as well as any type of special needs care, is also available when the requirements go beyond what the family is able to give and cope with themselves and which can prove to be overwhelming.

Everyone should be entitled to a dignified, joyful, happy, and healthy life as long as they live.

Here are some helpful phone numbers for seniors and their families:

  • NJ Senior Transportation, 609-407-9897
  • Meals on Wheels, 610-265-7051
  • Community Counseling Center,  856-380-1070
  • Sterling Medical Services, 856-273-9900
  • American Red Cross, 609-265-2277
  • Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, 856-663-4773
  • Home To Stay Health Care Solutions, (856) 720-0081

In-Home Senior Care Moorestown

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