Why not? It’s easy, convenient and informative. You can watch the short videos on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. You can also come into the office and watch the videos in the conference room. This is paid training! And…you get a certificate of completion and a cool pin to wear on your name badge. How distinguishing!

What is the training like? The training starts off with you watching the Lecture Series (16 videos) and Right and Wrong Series (10 videos). After you complete the videos, there are 3 interactive webinars you can log into via computer or telephone.

How long are the videos? Do I have to watch them all at once? The videos are from 3 minutes to 15 minutes each. There is a quiz (2 to 10 questions) at the end of each video for you to complete. Your results go right to the Home to Stay office staff. That’s how we record your score and time spent watching to pay you. You don’t have to watch all the videos at once. You can pace yourself. If you don’t pass the quiz, you can retake it. We will take your highest score.

After completing the videos and webinars, call the office and speak with Joy, Case Manager or Laura, HR Manager to set up a time to learn about QOL’s. We are happy to assist you and we know that AlzBetter can help you deal with the most difficult clients. You can do this!