Help! I Don’t Have Time to Exercise

Senior Care in Woolwich Township NJ: Help! I Don’t Have Time to Exercise

When her elderly mother required more care, Rose happily got more involved in her daily care. She helped her mother with showering and dressing each morning, and did all the grocery shopping, finances and housecleaning. After almost a year of declining health, Rose’s mother required nearly all her free time. Rose began suffering from insomnia, headaches weight gain, frequent colds and indigestion.

When Rose went to visit her doctor, he asked her about her stress levels, especially related to caregiving. After Rose shared her daily and weekly responsibilities, the doctor stated that she was likely suffering from caregiver burnout and recommended that she seriously look at some ways to alleviate some of her chronic stress and increase her healthy lifestyle habits, including diet and exercise.

Family caregivers often don’t realize how demanding their duties have become until they start to suffer from poor health due to chronic stress. Taking care of a dependent elderly relative can require a lot of physical and mental effort, and if family caregivers are trying to do it all on their own, they sacrifice their personal needs for their relative. One of the first things to go is usually their time to exercise.

Medical experts know that exercise is among the best things that adults can do to boost their health, both physical and mental. Exercise is linked to everything from better digestion and weight loss to living longer. However, way too many family caregivers can’t seem to find the time to exercise. As the stress builds up from their caregiving duties, their body and mind starts to suffer. Finding just 30 minutes to exercise at least three days per week can provide some amazing benefits to family caregivers.

So how can busy family caregivers even find the time to fit some exercise into their week? One of the best methods is to hire a professional senior care provider. If the family caregiver needs regular breaks and can’t find the time for some self-care, a professional senior care provider can be the answer. The senior care provider can spend time with the elderly adult, attending to their personal care needs. They can also do things like housekeeping, laundry, meal prep and provide companionship, all while the family caregiver leaves to do other things. It’s easier than ever for family caregivers to make time for exercise when a senior care provider is in the picture.

There’s no reason for a family caregiver to jeopardize their health and wellness by avoiding exercise. When the family caregiver is physically and mentally strong, they are better able to care for their aging loved one. The family caregiver can depend on the professional senior care provider to give the kind of care their elderly relative needs so they can take regular breaks and focus on their own health.


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