Have you been overwhelmed trying to provide a decent level of senior care for your mother? Do you find yourself running back and forth between taking care of your own family and making sure that she has everything she needs and is safe? It can be overwhelming, to say the least, but at some point, you’ll need to acknowledge the fact that it’s more than you can handle.

So what do you do when that time comes? First, try to avoid letting it reach that point because when it’s more than you can handle, you’ll still need to provide some level of care until a senior care service provider can be placed. That could take days or even weeks.

Look out for the warning signs that it’s more than you can handle. Are you running yourself ragged? Are you getting sick more often right now than you usually do? Do you feel tired and rundown? Is your temper much shorter than it usually is? Do you feel angrier than normal? These are all potential signs that you are letting the care you provide to your mother get the best of you.

Set aside an hour within the next day or two (or right now) to find out what senior care service agencies there are in your community. Make a list of the different agencies, where they are located, and begin to research their reputations. You can usually find a wealth of information online, if you know where to look. Many businesses are now being reviewed through the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Directories also offer review services.

No matter what the reviews say, good or bad, if there are only one or two, just take it with a grain of salt. Contact each agency and find out what level of service they offer, how long they’ve been in business, and what their basic philosophy is. This should usually be their mission statement, but some organizations will have different policies.

When you find out about the services they offer and whether they can commit to the schedule of care that is needed, be sure to meet with the prospective care provider before hiring him or her. Make sure that your mother (or father or whoever the care is for) meets this person as well. It’s imperative that they get along, even if it’s reluctantly at first. The more compatible they are as far as personalities are concerned, the better the service will be.

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