Fall is a great time to watch the leaves change colors. Red bellied woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals and gold finches are very active at this time too. Making a birdfeeder with your client is a great activity! You can use an orange or a grapefruit. Cut the fruit in half and carefully remove the edible fruit. Offer the fruit to your client for a snack. Poke holes in the fruit. Have 4 pieces of 24 inch string or twine ready to thread through the holes in an X pattern. Gather the ends and tie a knot. Fill the halves with bird seed and hang on a sturdy branch of tree outside.

Now you and your client can watch the birds gather as they enjoy a pretty, natural birdseed bowl. This is a great activity to have the grandkids help out with making.
All the materials are biodegradable. As the orange or grapefruit peel melt away, the birds will take the twine and use them in their nests.