No matter who you’re caring for when you’re a family caregiver, you may end up facing some difficult questions from time to time. Some of these questions will be related to the health and specific condition of your loved one. Others might involve the work that you’re doing for him or her. The way that you handle some of these questions will be just as important as the answers that you provide about them.

First, it’s essential that you keep in mind, at all times, that the privacy of your loved one is the most important aspect of providing home care for him or her. If there are certain aspects about their health that they don’t want someone else to know about, even their closest relatives, then it’s not your place to tell anything to the rest of your family.

You may think that you’re confiding in your sister, for example, about some of things that are going on with your loved one’s health, and while you may be able to trust her in these issues, you are no longer providing the right level of care and support to the elderly loved one.

You were entrusted with their care and being a caregiver means confidence, if that’s what is necessary for him or her. You might feel as though you need to share some of this information with your other family member in order to ‘get it off your chest,’ but if that’s the case, then you might want to consider hiring a professional home care provider instead.

When you are faced with difficult questions from your loved ones about the care that you’re providing, how can you handle them in the right manner? You may have some family members or other individuals who might pressure you for information, and even when you tell them that you’re not at liberty to discuss this information with them, they might continue to press, creating a tense and difficult situation.

Ultimately, it depends on the situation in how you answer certain difficult questions. Talk about the topics with the elderly individual. If there are certain aspects about their healthy, care, doctors, history, or anything else that they don’t wish to share, firmly but politely decline to answer. If this causes tension in your relationship with the person asking, then you can either accept that, but defend your patient, or hire a caregiver who is more experienced in handling those difficult questions.

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