Elder Care in Turnersville NJ

Elder Care in Turnersville NJBeing a primary caregiver is difficult enough most days. There’s a lot of worry about whether you’re meeting your elderly loved one’s needs and then there is all the red tape to slog through. Then life throws you a curve ball or two and suddenly everything is way more difficult than you expected it would be.


Whether the illness is your elderly loved one’s or someone else in the family has become sick, this can really throw a wrench in caregiving. If you as the primary caregiver are now dealing with your own chronic illness, you may need to find someone in the family who is willing to take over your duties as primary caregiver. Transitioning can be difficult for you and for your elderly loved one.


Distance when your loved one is in good health is one thing, but it’s entirely different when your elderly loved one is ill or injured and you’re far away. If you’re lucky enough to have other family members in the area with your loved one, that can help to provide temporary relief. But if you’re the only caregiver, you may need to drastically change your life in order to provide the best care possible for your loved one.


Stress from life in general is bad enough, but then there are stressors at work, home, and via caregiving that can make it all worse. Stress can cause physical and psychological issues that require you to take time away or that can make caregiving almost impossible to keep up with. This, too, could be cause for you to transition to another family member as the primary caregiver.

Feeling Overwhelmed

There are a lot of ways that overwhelm can creep into your life. Stress, illness, and distance all create their own brand of overwhelm. Many people overlook how their physical surroundings and overall disorganization can play into overwhelm, however. If your home or your loved one’s home make it difficult to find what you need to care for her properly, it’s going to affect caregiving abilities.

Look for solutions that can help your family to manage, such as hiring elder care providers to take care of your loved one while you’re dealing with other issues.

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