We are all individuals when it comes to the toll that aging takes on us and how soon it takes it. There are 90-year-olds who are more active and spry than some 80-year-olds. Eventually, there will come a time when the best of us will need help in doing some things we can no longer do for ourselves. For this reason, it can be helpful to go over some of the top signs that may indicate your elderly parent or other loved one may need at-home assistance in getting by in their daily life. Many elderly would prefer at-home care because it enables them to stay in the familiar environment they’ve known for so long.

Tangible Difference in Their Personality or Appearance

Is your elderly parent or grandparent suddenly more reclusive and avoiding friends or family members they would normally be in regular contact with? Are they not doing those activities they’ve typically enjoyed doing whether it be gardening, crocheting or other such hobbies? Are there also changes in their appearance? This may take the form of a messy appearance or dirty clothing when normally they would be appalled at looking so disheveled. These signs can indicate mental or physical deterioration.

Signs of Memory Problems

If your elderly loved one is forgetting doctor’s appointments or to take their medication, this can endanger their health. They might also not be keeping up with the bills and other mail and showing signs of increased confusion. This could add up to early indications of a type of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Are Day-to-Day Tasks Becoming Too Difficult?

We all need to be able to do certain things to care for ourselves to live on our own. These include such basics as bathing and grooming ourselves as well as preparing meals and doing things such as laundry, household cleaning and other chores. If, upon visiting your elderly loved one, you find that they and their home appear to be deteriorating from neglect, this is definitely a sign that they may need at-home care.

At-Home Assistance for Elderly Parents

Upon discovering any of the above signs, you will need to determine how much home care your elderly parent may need. If they are still able to handle most tasks on their own, then perhaps they only need someone to come in for a couple of hours a week to clean or take them to appointments if they can no longer drive. If they have major physical disabilities or cognitive impairment, however, they may need to go to the other extreme of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at-home care.

At-Home Assistance for Elderly Parents in Cherry Hill and Mount Laurel

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We also have home nursing care available in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding towns and cities. This can be full-time live-in home care near Mount Laurel if you need it. In the event your elderly parent needs special care because of cognitive decline, our AlzBetter Alzheimer’s senior care plan program in Mount Laurel, NJ is the best and most innovative program of its kind. This patent-pending program will keep your elderly loved one engaged, stimulated and living in the dignity they deserve through this difficult time of their life. For all your at-home senior companion care needs in Mount Laurel, Cherry Hill and other towns and cities nearby in New Jersey, please contact us to find out how we can help provide the at-home assistance for elderly parents that your family needs.