Winter is a time of crisp, cold beauty. It provides a wonderland of excitement when the snow is fresh on the ground and hot chocolate is sipped in the comfort of a warm home. But, the winter time also brings danger for many of our older citizens. They have to contend with cold air, flu, viruses, snow and icy walk ways. If you are a part of elder and senior care services you can benefit from safety tips for winter time health.

1. Senior care centers and homes need to have a consistent warmth. At the beginning of each season make sure to change the filter in the furnace. This will help to eliminate dust and mold that has built up over the past year. By eliminating the problem with a simple change of a furnace filter, you will prevent breathing problems and health issues associated with air quality within the home and maintain a more constant heat.

2. For further warmth and comfort place several throw blankets on couches and chairs in homes where senior care and elder care are provided. The soft, easy to use throws help a person stay warm when the heater shuts down and the room begins to cool. It prevents the constant movement of standing, walking and constant adjustment of the heat in order to keep their body warm as it ages.

3. If you live in an area where snow is common, make sure that walk ways are cleared and a good ice melt is used to prevent ice buildup. Icy walk ways create a dangerous situation for everyone, but especially for seniors. One fall can create serious health issues because of the fragility of an aging body.

4. If you must take someone on an errand that is in the elder care age group and there is an icy wind blowing, make sure they bundle up well and wear a neck scarf that can be placed over the mouth and nose. By using a lose scarf over the mouth and nose in cold windy conditions it prevents the cold air from entering directly into the lungs. The scarf cuts the wind and provides a gentle warm air for breathing. Protect the lungs in icy weather.

5. Winter weather conditions can create dangerous situations for everyone and accidents happen. Make sure the home of the senior or elder is free of garbage, too much furniture and trash in main walk areas. If medical help is required they must be able to use a gurney freely inside the home to transport the patient in a safe manner. By keeping the home in good condition on the inside it will lessen the chance of an accident inside and the need for emergency medical care.

6. Always make sure your elder person is taking all the medications that are supposed to in a proper order and on time. As winter time hours become dark earlier in the day, it can confuse the aging body and a person will forget about medications. Provide healthy food and warm drinks throughout the day. The dark hours can also increase the chance of depression, so find a way to keep your elder active and positive through games, family time and conversation.

7. Check on senior and elderly persons often through the winter months. Make sure their heating system is working properly, there is enough food in the home for easy meals and they are following good routines. They need to continue with good hygiene habits, eating enough healthy meals, drinking warm liquids and maintain an overall positive outlook until spring breaks through to replace the cold with warm sunshine.

Senior and elder care are an important part of winter safety programs everywhere. Follow the safety tips and keep this winter accident free.

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