Home to Stay Health Care News“I am thrilled and excited to be here. Much of my background consists of Office and Customer Service Management. I also have experience in childcare and working with adults that are developmentally disabled. I am the Community Health Coach. This is a brand new position that was implemented to help and assess the needs of our AlzBetter clients and their families. Thus far I have been training in the AlzBetter software and programming and working on projects such as the Quality of Life (QOLs) journaling. If you have any questions about AlzBetter trainings, clients or would like to know some simple ways to curb difficult client behaviors give me a call. You can also email me at [email protected]. I look forward to working with you and making it an AlzBetter day!”
Tiffany will now be the point person to set up caregivers for AlzBetter training. Tiffany will be able to answer your questions about the AlzBetter training program.