Tony Hawk Puts a Spotlight on the Tragedy of Dementia

Tony Hawk dementiaTony Hawk is known as a professional skateboarder, but lately he has been discussing his family’s battle with dementia. The 51-year-old celebrity has a 94-year-old mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He has spoken about the struggle that he and his siblings are going through to provide care for their mother as this tragic disease progressively robs her of her memories and identity. (UPDATE TO STORY: Tony Hawks’s mother passed away in December 2019).

Giving Voice to This Illness

As a celebrity, Tony Hawk has spoken out through the media and at meetings of the Alzheimer’s Association. He lets average people know that they are not alone if they also have a loved one who has been struck by this form of dementia. He also reflected a fear that many first encountering this situation have and that is what to do about it in terms of how to care for their afflicted parent.

Home Care for the Elderly With Dementia

The concept of home care for the elderly and disabled has been growing over the past couple of decades. It is seen as more dignified than sending your loved one off to a nursing home. It enables them to stay in the familiar environment of the home they’ve known for many years. Especially with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, the slipping away of memory and mental faculties is bad enough without also introducing the element of a new and unfamiliar environment into the picture.

Alzheimer’s Home Care in Southern New Jersey

Home to Stay Health Care Solutions, a non-medical home care company, offers a compassionate option for the family members of elderly dementia sufferers. We have been caring for families in this area since 1989, so we have the experience to know exactly what type of care is needed for your specific situation.

We provide a variety of home care services for the elderly who are no longer able to care for themselves. These include handling home care tasks such as light housework and meal preparation, doing laundry, light housecleaning, assistance with grocery shopping, bringing in the mail and other tasks. We also provide personal care services such as taking your parent to medical or other appointments, bathing them, reminding them to take medication and moving them between a chair, wheelchair and bed as needed.

The Experience and Peace of Mind You Need

With decades in the home care field, you’ll know you can trust our well-trained, compassionate staff at Home to Stay Health Care Solutions to treat your elderly loved one with respect while delivering the non-medical home and personal care they require. If you have an elderly parent facing the ravages of Alzheimer’s, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will meet with you and help you determine the best level of care for your loved one, so you’ll know they are being treated right in their twilight years.