Home Care AgencyChoosing the best at home care options as your elderly loved one ages can be a daunting task, especially amidst a pandemic. With a large percent of coronavirus cases among the older population stemming from nursing homes and assisted living facilities, many families are looking to keep their loved ones in their homes longer. Fortunately, there are in-home care services that can help to minimize caregiver burden and extend a senior’s independence. In-home caregivers can help keep your elderly loved one safe while allowing them to successfully age in place by offering hourly or around the clock care.

Below are tips to help you discover the in-home care that best suits your family’s needs:


In-home care varies greatly depending on the needs of the client. Some elders may only need assistance with light housekeeping or running errands, whereas others may need full-time care to accompany them. Consulting a doctor, family member, and trustworthy friends can provide clarity when you are unsure of what type of care is necessary for your particular situation. 


Assessing your financial situation before choosing which home care agency to utilize is paramount. Although having more available funds will grant access to more services, there are still options for people on tighter budgets.  Many agencies accept long-term care insurance. Family members that cannot assist directly are also usually willing to help financially. You could even consider downsizing your loved one’s home or cashing out a financial plan to pay for services. Once a home care agency is chosen, inquire about the care plan you will be using to ensure you are getting your money’s worth and not paying for any services that are unnecessary.


When searching for the best available in-home care provider, a number of resources should be used to gather information. Asking for references from previous clients or hearing honest reviews from friends or family that have used certain agencies is a great place to start. Another viable place for information is the internet for in-home care directories or reviews on local agencies. Once you find an agency that you like, your next step would be to interview your potential caregivers. This will allow you to ask questions to help find a good match for your loved one and also to decide if the agency meets your standards and expectations.

Finding an in-home health care agency can be a difficult process, but is essential when considering the quality of life for your loved ones. When researching the possibilities, it is important to remember the needs and desires of the individual. Choosing a reliable agency provides peace of mind for the family and a higher quality of life for the senior. 

At Home to Stay, we thrive on highly individualized services delivered with honesty, respect, and compassion that help protect what matters most to our clients.