Home Care in Cherry Hill, NJ – Get to the Bottom of Why Your Elderly Loved One Refuses to Bathe

Seniors can sometimes get into a mindset where they no longer pay much attention to the personal hygiene. For an elderly individual who requires some type of care at home, he or she may feel that proper hygiene, such as bathing, changing their clothes, or other issues are simply no longer necessary.

That can be frustrating for family members or even professional in-home care providers who are working with them on a regular basis. It can also have a direct negative impact on their overall health and well-being.

There could be a number of reasons why an elderly individual has stopped bathing or even changing their clothing. If the senior is not yet relying on home care of any kind, it could be the result of the loss of strength in their legs, a lack of balance, and unsteadiness when they step into the shower or tub surround. They may feel uncomfortable because of the risk of falling and therefore avoid bathing for the most part.

If there washer and dryer is in the basement of their home, they may feel unsteady on their feet walking up and down the stairs, especially carrying laundry. If that’s the case, they may have no other option than to continue wearing dirty clothing.

For somebody who is relying on some type of care at home and is refusing to bathe or even change their clothes, it could be the result of depression, anxiety, or other potential health issues. It may also be the result of a loss of control in their life.

Since they already feel a loss of some level of independence or control in their life, they may feel that not bathing or changing their clothes is the last thing they can actually control.

The senior may also be dealing with a diminished sense of sight and smell. They may not be able to see as well as they used to and may simply not notice their own body odor.

Another potential problem when it comes to bathing and changing could be memory related issues. The caregiver could remind the senior when it’s time to take a shower or bath, when they should change their clothes, or take care of their personal hygiene.

They may also want to look at contacting the senior’s friends for help. A friend could call the elderly client and ask them to go out for lunch. If the senior agrees, their friend could simply say, in passing, “So make sure you are showered and ready and we will have a great time.”

That could encourage the senior to realize the benefits of personal hygiene still, regardless of everything else they may have going on in their life.

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