As people age, they begin to lose some strength, which means that they tend to lose some ability to do certain things around the house. Even if your elderly father or mother had always taken care of their home, kept it clean and organized, and safe, that doesn’t mean that’s going to continue well into the future. If you are concerned about elder care and safety, then there are some things that you should look for, and address if you realize that there is a potentially unsafe condition in their home.

Shower or tub surrounds. One of the most common accidents that occur for the elderly is slipping and falling. The shower is one place that is the greatest threat, because of the elderly individual’s weakened strength and ability to lose balance more quickly than they did in the past.

Having grab bars installed in the shower or tub surround, or around the toilet, can help provide support that they could grab if needed. If you have these grab bars installed, make sure that they are installed properly, which means that they should be installed into the wall studs behind the tile and wallboard and not just randomly into whatever space you can find.

Clear floor space. When someone is tired or unable to move something, they may just leave is where it is for some time. That could lead to accidental trips and falls, which can be catastrophic for the elderly.

Ensure that your elderly loved one’s home is free of clutter and any potentially dangerous items that are left lying around.

Ensure that stairs are non-slip. When you’re young and if you slip, you likely have the ability to regain your balance. When you slip on the stairs, you can grab the handrail and keep from falling.

The elderly might not have those reflexes or strength of keep themselves from falling. If they have stairs in their home that are slick, then it’s a good idea to put a non-stick surface on them. If the stairs are carpeting, then they should wear some type of comfortable and safe shoes, such as sneakers, or non-skid slippers while going up or down those stairs.

The more that you do to help ensure that your loved one is safe at home, the more you’re going to help them remain healthy. Elder care is not just about supporting them at home with the proper resources, but it’s also about ensuring their safety.

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