There will come a time in the life of many adult children when they get that subtle feeling that it is soon time for their parents to get some help at home. This does not mean that they just need a housekeeper once or twice a week, but they need some real senior home services or even senior health care services. The signs might not be clear at first, but once you start to notice one or two of them, the rest will become evident.

Messy Home

Senior Care in Woolwich Township, NJOne of the first signs that elderly relatives will need senior care services is having a messy home, especially if you are used to seeing a clean house. Spoiled food in the refrigerator or piled dishes in the sink might be early signs that someone needs to come in and help out on a regular basis. If you begin to notice funky smells, like urine or if clothes begin to pile up, it is time begin talking to your parents about bringing in help.

Messy Parent

Your elderly parents might have other signs that they need care. They might still be able to keep their house clean, but they may show signs of not being able to care for themselves. If you start to notice that your loved ones are not taking care of their hair or bodies. If you notice that there are not any towels in the laundry, then that means that your loved one has not been using towels and has most likely not been bathing on a regular basis. Bathing is a challenging task for seniors and many of them need help with that before they need help with anything else.

Messy Financial Status

When you start to notice home care and personal care deficiency, it is a good idea to check bills and bank accounts. If elderly adults are not caring for themselves or their homes, they are probably not paying their bills, which can have bad consequences. Along with checking the bills, it is a good idea to check out the car, too. Look for dents and new scratches in the car, because elderly men and women do not like to lose their independence and many will drive even if it no longer safe for them to do so.

Messy Memories

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, this is a sure sign that it is time to look into senior care referral services. Elderly seniors who begin to forget simple things or who struggle remembering to do tasks throughout the day also will need care. If you notice that your loved one is having difficulty moving around the house or getting up from a chair, senior care services can make life much easier. It is amazing how quickly senior care services will fix the problems so that seniors have clean homes, clean bodies, and help with other challenges.

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