Here’s a riddle: What do June 24th, September 9th and November 14th all have in common? Answer: They all claim to be National Teddy Bear Day! Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and this could be one of those cases.

When doing research on National Teddy Bear Day, it was unclear just which day belongs to the American favorite stuffed animal. We may never know which date is correct, but who can resist the teddy bear? Maybe all three dates should hail this much beloved hero.

Fun ways to celebrate National Teddy Bear Day

As a caregiver for senior home services, you are always looking for fun little things to do with your aging loved one, to make her life happier and not so boring. Here are some fun activities you can choose from to celebrate this day:

  • Get a teddy bear to hold and cuddle all day.
  • Do things all day with your teddy bear, such as take him to the table to eat with you, let him sit on your lap to watch a movie, etc.
  • Go on a walk to the park with your teddy bears.
  • Have a pretend tea party with your teddy bears.
  • Draw and color pictures of your teddy bears.
  • Take pictures of the two of you with your teddy bears.
  • Bake a cake and eat it with your teddy bears.
  • Read a story such as Winnie the Pooh.
  • Buy 1 or 2 inexpensive teddy bears and take them to the hospital to give to children who don’t have one.
  • Watch a teddy bear show such as Little Bear.

Interesting facts about Teddy Bears

  • They are onlinecasinocanada1 named after Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, Jr.
  • It has become an icon in the children’s toy industry
  • Was created by 2 toymakers in the early 1900s in Germany and the US, simultaneously.
  • The first teddy bears were fashioned to look like real teddy bears
  • Toy teddy bears now look more soft and with baby-like cute features
  • There are teddy bears for all species of bears, such as pandas, grizzly bears, brown bears, polar bears, etc.
  • Many early stuffed bears were made of fabric that resembled bear fur. Today’s teddy bears can be gingham, checkered, polka-dot, etc.

People from age 0 to age 110 love Teddy Bears! There’s just something about that soft cuddliness that nobody can resist! It doesn’t matter which day you celebrate Teddy Bear Day, just do it and have fun!

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