Senior Care in Turnersville NJ: How Do You Get Your Mom to Change Her Unhealthy Habits?

Your mom’s last checkup didn’t go as hoped. Her blood pressure is high. She’s gained weight. Her doctor wants her to lose 20 pounds to start. If she doesn’t, she may need to go on medications to lower her blood pressure.

Despite her doctor’s recommendations, your mom has a hard time overcoming the bad habits she’s been told to stop. You seem to be more concerned than she is. What can you do?

Lead Your Mom to Make the Decision

If you try to talk your mom into something, it has to be her decision. You can lay out the pros and cons of losing weight, getting more exercise, stopping smoking, or whatever other bad habits exist. Find shows or movies that focus on that health issue. Sometimes seeing something play out on TV can propel a person into taking action.

Once that’s done it has to be her decision. If you try to push her into it, she’s likely to shut you out. Support her in her decision and don’t make her feel guilty if she’s not ready.

Convince Her to Help You

It may help to bring up your own need to change a bad habit. If she thinks she’s helping you out, she’s more likely to stick with something.

For example, you could tell her that you stumbled because you sit behind a desk all day. Your doctor said you have to improve your balance and stamina. He wants you to walk at least 30 minutes every day to strengthen your leg muscles. You can go on to say you hate walking alone and don’t want to do it. She may offer to join you because you’re her baby. She wants you to get well.

You’ve gotten her outside and getting exercise, but she thinks it’s for your benefit. While you may have told a white lie, it’s a lie that will benefit your mom’s health.

Make Sure She Has Support

Many times, it’s easier to stick to a new diet and exercise routine if someone joins you. If you can’t be there every day, caregivers can. Caregivers offer more than senior care services. They become companions. Your mom has a friend to talk to while she talks a walk. She has someone to help her prepare healthy meals.

Learn more about the different ways senior care helps your mom take control of her life and eliminate bad habits that are impacting her health. Call today to learn more.

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