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Senior Care in Turnersville NJWater is hugely important for overall health and well-being, but many people don’t drink enough water. If that’s the case for your elderly loved one, these ideas can help you to increase her water intake.

Replace at Least One Less Healthy Drink with Water

Many people like drinks that are considered less healthy, such as soda, because they taste better than water does to them. You can try flavoring your loved one’s water, but those additives often come with added sugar or other ingredients that can really add up. One option is to try replacing one less healthy drink every day with a full glass of water. Your loved one might not really notice that one less soda in the grand scheme of things, but her body will appreciate that extra glass of water.

Drink Water First

Drinking a glass of water before having a snack or a meal can help your loved one to feel full faster and can also help to keep her hydrated. If your loved one is craving something that has “empty” calories, like a piece of cake, encourage her to drink a glass of water before having the cake. She’s likely to eat a little less of the cake and her body will have that extra glass of water to use.

Track All Drinks

If your loved one feels that she drinks enough water, maybe it’s time to start tracking all her drinks for a few days to get an accurate picture of what exactly she’s drinking. This can be eye-opening for people, because they often find that they’re drinking far more coffee or soda than they think that they are and far less water. Try using just a small notebook and a pen to make it simple or you can use a water tracking app on your phone.

Work at Drinking More Water Gradually

Drinking more water can be overwhelming for a lot of people if you’re trying to do too much, too fast. For someone who doesn’t drink a lot of water at all, eight full 8-ounce glasses of water can be an awful lot of water. Try adding just one more glass of water a day for a while and hold that pattern. Then you can start adding another glass when you’re ready.

Let your loved one’s senior care providers know how you’re trying to increase your loved one’s water intake so that they can help with the process.

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