Mobility issues are extremely common among elderly adults and these challenges can lead to serious dangers for your aging parent. One of the times when this can be particularly dangerous is when your senior is bathing. Loss of balance, difficulty maneuvering, and inability to catch themselves or correct their position or movement can lead to falls and potentially serious injuries. Fortunately there are steps that you can take to reduce these risks and increase safety for your aging parent while bathing.

Use these tips to increase bathing safety for a senior with mobility issues:

  • Consider replacing a slick floor such as polished tile with something textured to reduce slipperiness, especially when wet
  • Put down bath mats or towels outside of the tub to provide extra grip for when your parent is walking across the floor
  • Install grab bars throughout the bathroom and in the bath or shower to provide support, stability, and leverage for your aging parent as they move through the bathroom and while in the bath or shower. Ensure that these are rated for your parent’s weight and are properly installed to ensure safety
  • Consider removing the towel rod, shelves, and anything else that is attached to the walls but are not sturdy so that your parent is not tempted to grab onto them, potentially leading to them breaking and causing a serious fall
  • Add steps to the tub so that your parent can comfortably walk in and out of the bathtub rather than needing to lift their feet up and over the tub
  • Replace their bathtub with a walk-in model
  • Provide a shower bench that allows your parent to sit comfortably and safely throughout the bathing experience

Starting senior care for your aging parent can be one of the best decisions that you make for them throughout the course of your caregiver journey with them. A senior home care services provider can be with your aging loved one on a fully customized schedule that ensures that they have access to the care, support, assistance, and companionship that they need to manage their individual challenges, needs, and limitations. This not only helps your senior manage these issues in the way that is right for them, but also supports a lifestyle that is as active, engaged, fulfilling, and independent as possible as they age in place. This can include safe and reliable transportation to where your parent needs and wants to go, physical assistance for mobility issues, help with personal care needs and the fulfillment of activities of daily living, medication reminders to help them stay compliant, and companionship to boost mental and
emotional health and help them enjoy this chapter of their life as much as possible.

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