Medical research is constantly pushing the frontiers of medicine in areas such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Another area of interest is the study of Alzheimer’s disease. There are nearly six million Americans with this form of dementia, and the numbers are only expected to go up as people live longer unless successful medical interventions are discovered.

An Alzheimer’s Breakthrough?

Researchers at the University of Alberta have conducted a study recently that holds promise for future treatment of Alzheimer’s. It involves an experiment on mice that were injected with two short strings of amino acids daily over a five-week period. By the end of the study, they observed improved memory on the part of the mice as well as reductions in the type of damage to the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

A protein called “amyloid-beta” has long been associated with Alzheimer’s disease since it is found in large quantities in the brain of individuals who had been diagnosed with it. The above-mentioned amino acid strings, part of a substance known as AC253, seem to block the amyloid-beta from attaching to key receptors in brain cells, and this seems to be how it is achieving such impressive results.

Caring for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

With large numbers of older Americans afflicted with this disease, many families are left in a quandary about how best to care for an elderly parent with dementia. Often, they require more intensive care than many families have time for in today’s hectic world. They also require more specialized care since this disease produces symptoms such as forgetfulness, frustration and others that make them manifest behavior that will leave you wondering how to handle them.

Seeking Professional Help for Elderly Alzheimer’s Care

If you have an elderly parent or grandparent, you may be exploring options for their care. Perhaps their condition has reached a point where you just can’t take care of them yourself any more, or you may be working long hours and simply can’t be there for them for the number of hours that they’d need someone around.

Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Home to Stay Health Care Solutions is a non-medical home care company that helps families in your situation. Our well-trained, compassionate caregivers provide personal and home care services that enable your elderly parent who is suffering from Alzheimer’s to stay in their familiar home environment, so you don’t have to take the more radical step of putting them in an assisted living community. We are the only home care agency to offer the patent-pending AlzBetter’s Program for Alzheimer’s sufferers, which provides them with a customized plan to keep them active and involved in their life.

Hopefully, continuing research will produce more breakthroughs in the medical field related to dementia. Until a day comes when this tragic disease is just an unpleasant memory, we will be here to provide compassionate and competent care for your elderly loved ones. We have comprehensive in-home care services for seniors whether they suffer from Alzheimer’s or are simply disabled or too old and frail to fully care for themselves anymore. If you live in Southern New Jersey, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to understand your specific situation and tell you how we can help you and your elderly loved one.