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Movies are an integral part of the human experience. In-home professional caregivers providing senior care for those who do not have memory problems find that the movie experience helps seniors, especially when the movies have a positive attitude and remind the seniors of good times in the past.

When the seniors have decent mobility, they can make an afternoon outing with the help of the professional caregiver to go to the movie theater. When they are not so mobile, a movie time can be a weekly event as part of elder care at home.

Movies with a positive attitude are best.  This does not necessarily mean only happy movies, just that they must be meaningful. People enjoy watching characters, with plenty of challenges, who overcome life’s obstacles in the end. Science Daily reported that researchers at Ohio State University discovered the audience benefits from watching sad stories with strong emotional moments that make people cry. This is especially true for stories about eternal love.

The reason this works, is that movies with sad moments about love cause the audience to reflect on their own lives and the loving relationships they experienced. This provides a “happy” feeling. There is a kind of catharsis (a letting go) and relief that comes from watching a story about a person’s deep love, even when parts are sad, that is a very powerful human dynamic.

A clear example of this is the movie “Titanic,” which according to Box Office Mojo, is the movie with the second greatest box office proceeds of all time (after first place “Avatar”). Almost everyone who went to see the Titanic movie already knew the historical ending of the true story upon which the movie was based. The great ship hit an iceberg, sunk to the bottom, and many of the passengers died.

It was the brilliance of director James Cameron that turned this movie into a story about eternal love. He did this by framing the entire movie as the recollection of an elderly woman who was one of the survivors of the disaster. The undying love of this woman is what really makes the story compelling.

In the film, her lover dies after succumbing to the frigid water. When she lets go of him and he then sinks to the ocean depths, there is not a dry eye in the movie house. This scene of the character Jack dying, right as the woman is rescued, is what makes the movie spectacular.

Some terrific classic movies are worth seeing again.

Here are a few all-time favorites:

From the 1930s to 1950s – This era had all the spectacular musicals from the “golden age” of Hollywood. Some of the best movies from this period include, “Ziegfeld Follies”, “Easter Parade,”“Meet Me in St. Louis,” “Singin’ in the Rain,” and “An American in Paris.” Superb dramatic classics include “Gone with the Wind” and “Casa Blanca.”

From the 1960s – Fantastic musicals that are love stories include “My Fair Lady” and “West Side Story.”

Home care that includes a movie time each week is a nice way to enhance in-home care for seniors. Movies that remind the elderly of happy times in the past and stories about eternal love are the best choices.


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