Elderly Care in Turnersville, NJ – Well-Rounded Nutrition is Essential for Overall Senior Health

Many older adults may be very good about being active to help monitor their weight and health. Staying active means that things like blood pressure, diabetes, and other health ailments are kept in check. But one of the common problems not addressed by many seniors, and something that could have been neglected for most of their life is their diet.

Diet is extremely important for weight management and overall health. This can be especially true for people who may not understand the calories they are consuming and how this affects their weight and health.

Generally, foods are listed in two types of categories when it comes to calories; nutrient-dense and calorie-dense.

  • Nutrient-dense foods are better as they have fewer calories, but contain healthier ingredients.
  • Calorie-dense foods are very similar to healthy foods, but contain more calories and possibly more fat. One comparison can be illustrated by comparing an extra lean burger, which is nutrient-dense, versus a regular hamburger, which is calorie-dense.

It should not be very surprising to learn calorie-dense foods are often less beneficial to our overall health. Extra fat, calories, and other unnecessary bi-products mean people are often choosing to fill themselves up with less than healthy nutrition.

While the short term of eating too much sugar or too many fatty hamburgers could be an upset stomach or a few extra pounds, the long term effects of bad eating can be deadly. Most foods high in sodium or fat can lead to greater risks for diseases and chronic conditions like high-blood pressure.

Even a soda a day has been slated as being bad for you. A good way to measure calorie-dense foods and nutrient-dense ones is to compare a 100 calorie serving size. Some examples of nutrient and calorie-dense foods are:

  • A regular sized banana vs. half a cup of ice cream
  • Two ounces of baked chicken breasts or one scrambled large egg cooked in fat
  • Three cups of low-fat popcorn versus half the size of an average candy bar

More often than not, eating nutrient-dense foods will leave you feeling fuller as well as providing the fuel needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Does your senior loved one need some help with grocery shopping? Is it difficult for her to get out on her own and then still bring the groceries home and put them away. It can be difficult when you are juggling work and family to try and be there every time your elderly family member needs you. Consider hiring elder care services to provide your senior loved one with the assistance she needs.

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