A summer trip for Mom or Dad could be just what they need – a trip to see a relative that they haven’t seen in years; a trip to visit grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. Does your parent need you to come along and assist them? There are a lot of things to think out ahead of time.

  1. Home Care Services in Woolwich Township, NJDo some research – look online for senior discount fares for flights. Make sure the flight can accommodate the special needs of your loved one. If someone is meeting them at the airport, make sure all arrangements are clear and understood by everyone. Have a back-up plan so your parent isn’t left alone at a busy airport.
  2. Make the necessary arrangements with your parent’s home care service, so they know what days your Mom or Dad will be gone, and what day to expect your parent to be back.
  3. While your parent is gone, it’s a good time to do any renovations or clean-up their home may need. Repainting, fixing crumbly concrete steps, installing a stair lift; any of those things would be best done while they are gone so they aren’t exposed to fumes or dust.
  4. Request and special services your parent may need on the flight, for example seating for disabled travelers. Perhaps a wheelchair for a tired traveler and some human assistance. All these arrangements need to be made at the time of reservation so that the airline is obligated to provide them.
  5. Prepare all the necessary documents, passports, identification, Medicare and insurance cards, physician statements, etc. Make several duplicate copies of all paperwork.
  6. Pack light so your parent doesn’t have to babysit too much luggage. Remember the medications and a schedule for taking them.
  7. There are thieves hiding everywhere, especially in high-traffic travel areas. Your parent should be wary of everyone. Don’t let mom carry a purse. Have her put her money and keys and ID in a money belt worn around her waist and hidden by a long shirt.
  8. Instead of carrying his money wallet in a back pocket where it is easily pick-pocketed from, Dad should put it in a front pocket with a cord that attaches it to his belt.
  9. If Mom or Dad is travelling alone, make sure they have a working cell phone and a list of emergency numbers, including yours. In a time of stress they may forget your number. If travelling with a helper like a caregiver or companion, the helper should have a cell phone and the list of emergency numbers.

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