Home care services can offer your aging loved incredible benefits that go beyond just making sure that their mobility issues and cognitive challenges are properly attended to on a regular basis. A home care provider can also play a critical role in helping your aging loved one maintain a balanced, healthy diet that will support his ongoing physical and mental health.

If you are considering hiring home care services for your aging loved one or if there is already an in home care provider caring for your aging loved one, ask her to help you introduce greater variety and interest to the senior’s diet. Particularly if the home care services companion is from a different culture as your loved one, it is likely that she is familiar with many different foods and dishes that are new to your loved one. While it may be difficult for you to convince your loved one to eat new things or make his diet healthier, seniors are often more willing to comply with the wishes of their caregivers. Your aging loved one may be more interested in new flavors and cooking styles when they are introduced by a home care services provider than if they are introduced by you.

Make sure that your home care services companion is aware of any allergies or sensitivities that your loved one may have so that you are sure the new healthy options that the in home care provider introduces are safe. Remember to mention any dietary restrictions that apply due to medical conditions and any religious or cultural restrictions. This will help the care companion choose options that your loved one will enjoy, but that won’t create any conflicts.

You may also want to encourage the home care services companion to involve your loved on in the choosing and preparation of new healthy options. Research your area to find out if there are any farms that offer pick-your-own produce throughout the year. This can give your loved one a chance to enjoy picking his own food and trying new flavors and recipes that support his health and wellbeing.

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