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Home Care in Woolwich Township NJ: What Kinds of Services Does Home Care Provide?

Being a family caregiver to an older adult isn’t an easy job. It can take a great deal of time to do all the things they need. Statistics show that the average caregiver spends about 24.4 hours in a week performing caregiver duties. And, around 25 percent of caregivers do 41 or more hours of caregiving per week. If you’re a caregiver struggling to keep up with a job, children, friends, while also assisting an aging relative, perhaps you’ve considered hiring home care to assist, but wondered just what kinds of help they can provide. Below is just a small sampling of the many things home care can do for older adults.

Meal Preparation

Home care providers can cook meals and prepare snacks for your aging relative. Having home care cook meals for the older adult can allow them to eat a healthier diet. Sometimes cooking is difficult for seniors because of physical or cognitive problems, so they may just reach for whatever food is easiest. Often that is processed food, such as frozen dinners, which contain excess salt, fat, and sugar. Home care providers can make meals that use fresh, healthy ingredients.


Many older adults are unable to drive, which can lead to isolation. Studies show that being socially isolated increases the risk of death for seniors. Home care providers can drive your aging family member wherever they need to go, including to social gatherings. Home care can also provide transportation to and from medical appointments, ensuring that they keep up with their medical care.

Housekeeping Tasks

Living in a clean, pleasant house can improve your aging relative’s quality of life. Home care providers can take care of most light house-cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping. In addition, home care providers can remove clutter, which can be a tripping hazard for older adults.

Pet Care

There’s no need for older adults to give up beloved pets because it’s gotten harder for them to care for a pet. Home care providers can help with feeding and watering pets. They can also help seniors to take the dog for a walk. And, when the pet needs to go to the veterinarian, a home care provider can drive the older adult and their pet to the office.

Medication Reminders

To remain in the best health possible, it’s important for older adults to take their medications on time and in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. Home care providers can remind your aging relative when it is time for them to take their medicine. They can also supervise to make sure the person takes the right amount.


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