dressing aides for seniorsIt’s never easy to see your elderly parent struggle with daily self-care aides due to injury, illness or simply the side effects of age-related conditions. Most family caregivers like you are stepping in to help take care of them and doing tasks like cooking, cleaning, bathing and dressing. When you aren’t able to assist with these tasks, home care aides can come into their home to provide the help they need.

This transition from independence to dependence can be hard on your aging mom or dad. That’s why it’s important to let them do as much for themselves as they can before you assist. Dressing aides are simple devices designed to help elderly or disabled people with getting dressed on their own. They compensate for those that don’t have much flexibility or a strong grip. Dressing aides can also assist those that may not have full use of an arm or hand.

One of the most popular dressing aides is the dressing stick. This simple-looking tool is quite versatile and can help elderly adults do everything from pull up pants and skirts to take their socks off. Most dressing sticks are easy-to-grip sticks with a hook on each end. Similarly, an all-purpose grabbing tool can help seniors pick up clothing off the floor, or grip clothing so they can pull it on better. Typically an all-purpose grabbing tool has a claw on one end and a trigger on the other.

Other dressing aides focus on shoes and socks. There are several variations of sock aides on the market, but they are all designed to help seniors with limited reach to put their socks on. The most common styles are flexible arches where the opening of the sock fits on. The elderly person places their toes in the opening and then they pull the sock aid up by the handles. Another very popular device is the elongated shoehorn. It works like a traditional shoehorn except the handle is extended so an elderly person can manipulate it from a sitting position. Both tools enable elderly adults to work with clothing without bending or straining.

Small motor movements can be very difficult for some seniors, especially those with moderate to severe arthritis or who no longer have the use of one arm. Button hooks and zipper pulls are designed to help seniors with these areas using only one hand. The grips for both are easy to use and enable seniors to manipulate the small fastening devices.

While home care assistants and family caregivers will still need to lend elderly adults a hand with some parts of getting dressed, the more they can do on their own, the better. It’s difficult for people to grow more reliant on others. Seniors can reduce the risk of frustration and stress about getting dressed when they incorporate helpful dressing aides into their morning and evening routines.

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