Home Care in Turnersville NJ: Can Reorganization Keep Your Loved One Safe at Home?

If your loved one has lived in one place for a long time, chances are very good that she hasn’t changed much about where and how she store specific items. Unfortunately, depending on her health and her abilities, some of those storage spots may put your loved one in an unsafe position. Some minor adjustments can make life more convenient and safer as well.

Look at Current Placements

The first thing for you to do is to pay close attention to how your loved one’s most used items are placed now. If they’re awkward for you or your loved one to get to or they’re dangerous, moving them is likely a good idea. Do this for every room in the house. You might want to take each room separately to avoid overwhelming yourself and your loved one.

Figure out Where Adjustments Might Help

Sort through where object placements aren’t working for your loved one and what might help. For instance, your loved one’s heavier kitchen items might be easier to access from lower cabinets. In the bathroom, shower items might need to be moved in order to keep your loved one from losing her balance while showering.

A Place for Everything

That old adage about having a place for everything and having everything in its place exists for a reason. If you can make sure that everything has a place, it’s easier for you and your loved one to keep those items put away. The less clutter that there is in your loved one’s home, the easier it is to help keep her safe.

Double Check for Safety and Access

As you’re rearranging items and rooms, make sure that you pay attention to both ease of access and safety. When you can focus on both of those aspects, you’re automatically going to have a better solution in the end. Pay particular attention to both safety and access after you’ve rearranged items so that you can spot whether the new arrangement actually solves problems for your loved one.

Hiring home care providers can help you get your loved one’s home organized quickly, but they can also help you to keep your loved one organized.

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