exercise for elderly in the homeAs we practice social distancing, day-to-day activities are now hindered and your isolated elderly loved ones may notice a decrease in daily movement and exercise. This is not only affecting their physical and mental health, but can also lead to more serious long-term issues.

Daily exercise for elderly can help boost their energy, maintain a healthy weight, protect their heart, and reduce the impact of chronic illness and disease. It can also improve their mood and mental capacity. However, finding ways to get moving during quarantine can be a little tricky. With local gym/park closures and the unpredictability of the weather, we need to be creative with how we get our elderly loved ones moving.

Sharon Lynch is a group exercise instructor that has helped keep seniors moving long before COVID-19. She offers a full body workout that has been approved by several physiotherapists and is suitable for all levels of ability. The great news – all you need is a sturdy chair (with or without arms) and two small weights (you can substitute with cans of soup).

Encourage you loved ones to stay active to help reduce stress and stay healthy.