Even when you think you’re doing everything right, your elderly adult can still get downhearted sometimes. You might not even know why. In fact you may have no idea whatsoever what’s causing your loved one to be sad and blue. Sometimes they will tell you; often they won’t. Maybe they don’t even know why they’re sad.

So how can you cheer up someone who’s melancholy? Here are some ideas you can try. You may have to try several until you find something that works.

  • Elderly Care in Woolwich Township, NJStart singing a song, especially a song he knows and can’t help singing along with you.
  • Let her know you acknowledge her sadness and you wish to give her some happiness. Ask her what you can do to help. If she doesn’t know, then continue trying more things.
  • Sit down with him and tell some funny jokes. Especially the silliest ones you can think of.
  • Surprise her with some flowers. Wrap a ribbon around them and make them look all girly and pretty. Few girls can resist flowers.
  • Bake him one of his favorite desserts. Few guys can resist their favorite sweets.
  • Make a large poster with happy faces and hearts on it and a sweet message and stick it up in her bedroom or living room so she can be surprised when she walks in.
  • Plan a surprise with his elderly care provider to have some of his relatives come in on a certain day and have a visit with him.
  • Play her favorite game with her – scrabble or Chinese checkers or a card game.
  • Find his favorite “oldie” style movie at the public library and bring it in to watch with him. He will have fun telling you all his favorite parts and what’s going to happen next, etc. Don’t worry about him spoiling the ending. Just let him talk and get excited. It will do him a lot of good.
  • Get a poetry book and surprise her by memorizing and reciting a poem to her. It will show her how much you care and it could break through the sadness.

Remember that the senior adult might not know why he or she is feeling sad. It could be a number of different things; side effect of a medication or loneliness to name a couple. The key to cheering them up isn’t in solving all their problems – because you probably can’t – the key is in distracting them from their worries long enough to have a little bit of fun.

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