Elderly Care in Turnersville NJ: Don't Put Off Discussing Elderly Care Services With Your Senior Parents: One Family's Story

Elderly Care in Turnersville NJ: Don’t Put Off Discussing Elderly Care Services With Your Senior Parents: One Family’s Story

It’s hard to balance what you think your elderly parents need, what you see happening, and what they tell you. One group of siblings kept trusting their dad when he said he and their mom were perfectly fine living at home without any help. While they noticed yard work getting ignored and expired food in the fridge, they opted to trust their dad’s judgment rather than their gut feelings.

Keep an Eye Out for Key Signs

The siblings had good reason to worry. During one visit, they arrived to find the power had been turned off. The house was stifling on that hot summer’s day. Their parents were having a hard time keeping track of bills that were due and forgot to pay the electricity bill. That kind of forgetfulness is a good indicator that help around the house may be necessary.

Another day, the siblings arrived to find the fridge full of spoiled food. There was nothing safe to eat. It was a call from the police stating their dad had crashed into another car when he mistook the gas pedal for the brake that firmed things up for them. They took their parents out for dinner and started to discuss the need for help.

Their Parents Balked

Not every parent will willingly accept help at first. There is a level of pride that many seniors have that make them hesitant of admitting owning a home is becoming difficult. The siblings found their parents did not want help.

It took time, but the siblings explained ways elderly care at home would help everyone. They discussed how a caregiver could help with grocery shopping and meal preparation. A caregiver could provide safe transportation to and from area theaters, stores, and services. They explained the caregiver could help change sheets and make the bed. They even said the caregiver could just be there to go for walks or play games. That all helped their parents see that elderly care at home didn’t have to take away their freedom.

Don’t put off calling for help. Elderly care at home doesn’t have to infringe on your parent’s freedom. A home care service can help you sit down and discuss the frequency and services offered. It’s there to help take some of the load off your shoulders so that you can focus on spending quality time together as a family.

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